The Trumansburg Police Department keeps an active file of all applicants for any positions that may become available.

The Trumansburg Police Department is operated entirely by a part time staff.  Due to this fact positions may become available at very little notice.  If you are interested in employment go to the Tompkins County Personnel website. See link below:

https://www.tompkinscivilservice.org/personnel , select the  “Vacancy Lists” link and scroll almost to the bottom of the page where you will see a heading listed as “Various Agencies Throughout Tompkins County”.  Under that heading you will see a continuous recruitment posting for POLICE OFFICER (PART-TIME, NON-COMPETITIVE).  This is where candidates to apply. All agencies will have access to review the applications produced under this posting.

You must fill an electronic county application for police officer and be pre approved to apply for any village, town or county position. They will email you when approved and then submit application along resume and cover letter to us. Print copy of application for interview.

Then mail completed application and any additional documents to:
Trumansburg Police Department
ATTN:  Chief Thomas Ferretti
5 Elm Street
Trumansburg, New York 14886

All applications should include cell phone numbers and especially your email address.

 The application used by the Trumansburg Police Department is the same application used throughout Tompkins County.

(which should include at the minimum)

Objectives, goals, expectations for your career, do you want a full time police position at some time, how soon, why the Trumansburg Police Department, what positive things would you bring to the Trumansburg Police Department, how did you hear about the Trumansburg Police Department


Every person should be able to meet the minimum qualifications which are:
over the age of twenty  years old and able to be sworn, physically and mentally fit, able to pass a physical agility test prior to hire at their expense, able to pass a background investigation which includes fingerprinting, able to attend the basic police academy as a full time cadet which duration is about five months in duration, two years of college with degree in criminal justice or equivalent, or presently a cadet in Phase one in one of NYS SUNY police programs with 12 weeks completed including basic physical requirements, and financially able to pay all costs associated with being a cadet including books, ammunition, uniforms and tuition.

This department does hire part time police officers both retired or current members of a police force that are certified police officers by MPTC for the State of New York. Part time officers must meet certain requirements including a weekly availability test which will be explained to them prior to hire.


I have always wanted to be able to help young men and women become police officers.  If they showed they had the desire and the commitment. About thirty three years ago I started our cadet program. I wanted to help them and I wanted a way they could help us as they gained experience. With a part time force I needed new applicants as the older ones left. The challenge continues each year so I continually look for good solid applicants that would work well here in Trumansburg. I then went to the Village Board to gain their help. I had been using part time people for many years prior and this was a way to get good men and women to work for me as I was the only full time person. The board was receptive and the program has been going ever since with new boards being quite positive. The concept was quite simple. They wanted a position to get started and the village received good officers without the cost. The men and women applied and were hired after police procedures and backgrounds completed. The applicants were sworn in and went to police basic school. The cadets paid there own way which included their uniforms, books, and all class fee’s. The village was the employer and provided the position, the department weapon and armor vest during school. After graduation if they did well they would be placed on the payroll if their was a position open. Then the training continues to make them quality officers. Otherwise they would have to wait for and opening here or seek other departments. It should be noted there is a two year window on being hired to keep their certification.
Chief Thomas Ferretti


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