Reports to police for property for: recovery, investigation, insurance purposes from Grassroots Festival  2018. Please submit the following basic information so we can make a incident report. We will email or fax it back to you when it is completed. Please bear with us for lots of property comes to us. We do not take in clothing or articles that can hold moisture or other odors due to our limited space.

We need the following information emailed to us for the report: name completely ( no niknames) with middle initial, date of birth, address with zip code, home phone, cell phone, date of theft, time of theft, location where lost or stolen,like next door camping, infield, main campgrounds, shower area camping, Main St, Rabbitt Run and so forth. List the items taken : name if applicable, name of item, brand , model, serial number, color, value , new and now, cell phones give us the number, or any other pertinent information that will help us in the investigation and recovery of your property like other tents that had stolen items at same time, possible suspects etc.

We will email or fax you a report with a police number. You can use this for insurance purposes, for us to locate your property in our lost and found, and the slim possibility of suspect indentification since the festival is over. Grassroots will bring us all the lost and found they have within the first 3 days after the end of the festival. We will answer your email promptly but it may take a while to get through all the complaints along with lost and found.

Best email  is : or

fax   607 387 5874

office  607 387 6505 main line and rolls over to county dispatch after 4 rings or

607 387 6513 and you can leave a voicemail if a Trumansburg officer does not answer


Chief Ferretti

Trumansburg Police





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