DWAI Drugs Charged after Motorist Complaint

Trumansburg Police  charged a Seneca Falls man with DWAI drugs, Aggravated Unlicensed Operator 2nd , Obstructing Governmental Administration, all Class A Misdemeanors.  Arrested was Joseph Brown age 25 of Seneca Falls. On September 30th at about 7:25 pm Trumansburg Police were called by County Dispatch to stop a car proceeding south on Rt 89 which was all over the highway. The complainant had its 4 way flashers as it followed  the car.

Just prior to the officer catching up to the vehicles the Brown vehcile drove off the road into a ditch. By the time the officer had arrived the Brown vehcile had gotten out of the ditch and was conitnuing south on Rte 89 again.. The officer caught up to the vehicle a mile or so down the road with the complainant observing in his vehcile,.

Brown failed sobriety tests for intoxication and was arrested. Brown was arraigned in Ulysses Town Court and remanded to TC Jail in lieu of $2,000 bond, or $4,000 secured bond. Cayuga Heights Police assisted with a DRE officer who performed a drug evaluation which Brown failed.

Brown’s case is ongoing.



Felony larceny on Cold Springs Road

William Swank, owner of Willys Water of Ovid NY value is reporting a felony grand
larceny of a 2 inch water meter and assorted valve parts valued at about
$1200.00 plus. This water meter and fittings was located on Cold Springs Road near
Durling Road attached to a fire hydrant through the authority of the Town of Ulysses for
Willys Water.

Police are asking anyone with information or seen any person or vehicle in the
area to please call Trumansburg Police 387 6513. The theft took sometime after
2:30pm yesterday 9/30/2014



On August 27th in the early morning hours burglars broke into three village businesses. Entry was similar, break a window and go inside. Inside they took money. The businesses were Family Dollar, Tburg Liquor, and Not My Dads Ice Cream. With video surveillance we were able to see them breaking in to Tburg Liquor at 4:01am.

Criminal mischief

The two suspects were Natieleigh Phoenix age 24 and Leandre Lovett  age 21 both of Ithaca.. They were apprehended doing another burglary in Lansing.. They are currently in the Tompkins County Jail and the 40 plus cases are in the hands of the Tompkins DA office

Possession of Ectasy Draws Charge

Trumansburg Police  arrested Timothy S Mortensen age 22 of 240 Sly Avenue in Corning NY for criminal possession of a controlled substance  a Class A Misdemeanor. Police allege that Mortensen had in his possession a white crystal powder know as MDMA or Ectasy or Molly on July 20, 2014 at about 1:00 am in the village. His case is ongoing in Ulyssee Court and he was released with an appearance ticket..

Drug Possession Charged at Festival

Trumansburg Police arrested Jesse Reeeves age 23 of 94 Lilly Drive ithaca, NY on July 19, 2014 at Next Door Camping to the Grassrotts Festival at about 10:30pm .Officers on walking patrol observed Reeves rolling a piece of paper containing acid and placing it in his mouth. Also two bags of marihuana iwere n plain view.

Police arrested Reeves for criminal possession 7th and criminal possession 5th degree., both misdemeanors. Reeves was processed and release with an apearnace ticket  for Ulysses Court for 8-5-2014.

Shroons gets Possession Charge at Festival

Trumansburg Police on July 18,2014 at about 10:42PM arrested a Williamson NY man that was being chased down by securtiy officicals of the Grassroots. The officers took the man down as he went thru the main gate and handcuffed him. Security officials signed statements that the man Zachary Bergen age 21  was attempting to sell hallugenic mushrooms to festival goers.

Bergen was arrested for Criminal Posssion of a Criminal Substance 7th degree a Class A Misdemenaor and the charges  good very well be upgraded to a felony once the lab reports are complete..

Bergen paid $200.00 cash bail for further asppearance.

Driver attempting to park gets DWI

7-17-2014 10:15PM    During the first night of the Fesival a man was attempting to park his car in the 200 block of East Main St and was observed by an on duty police officer doing a special walking detail for Grassroots. Police observed a car operated by Richard Triant age 60 of Lansing intentionally  hitting a parked car as he attemtped to park. Traint was asked why he hit the car twice and he said  “it didn’t move the first time”..

Triant failed sobriety tests  and was arrested for DWI, unsafe backing, and failure to take a breath screening device. He refused to take the breathalyzer test and was ararigned in court His license was suspened and his case is ongoing in Ulysses Court.

Truck crushed at Scrapyard Leads to Felony Larceny Charge

Trumansburg Police have arrested a couple for selling a running GE DIGITAL CAMERAMarranca, Nicolepickup truck belonging to her grandfather. to a local scrap yard and  the company has since had it crushed. Charge of Grand larceny fourth degree a Class E felony were placed against the couple. Arrested and sent to Tompkins County Jail  in lieu of $5,000 cash/ $10,000 property bond are Nicole D. Marranca dob 12/11/1989 of Ithaca/Trumansburg, and her boyfriend Erik R Motquin dob 5/7/1982 also of Ithaca/Trumansburg.

Felony hearings are set for Wednesday. IPD assisted in the apprehension.

Erractic Driver gets DWI

Police were notified on June 1st at 5:45pm that they had just received an erractic driver report of a driver proceeding south on Rt 96all over the road. Police positioned themselved on Main St and observed the erractive driver going 49 in a 30 zone. The car was stopped for speeding and after investigation the man was arrested for DWI and more than..08 BAC  and speeding..

Arrested was Robert L Vieyra Jr.  age 74 of 41 Sweet Briar Court in Endwell, NY. His case is ongoing in Ulysses Town Court.

Stolen car recovered

The stolen car that was stolen on June 15th off Pennsylvania Avenue has been recovered and reurned to the owner. Suspect Chris Rundt will be charged when he is located. Numerous charges are pending including one from NYS Parole.

The car was recovered in Manchester NY while Ontario County deputies were on a trespassing call. The car was recoved with no damage and runs fine said the owner. Another car was stolen in Manchester along with many cars ransacked.The stolen Manchester car was recovered in Baltimore Md two days later. Physical evidence of Rundts was left in the Trumansburg car which will allow criminal possession of stolen property charges or grand larceny being brought against Rundt.

7-2-14  Just heard that Christopher Rundt was found drunk in a Virginia Beach McDonalds  this past Sunday and presently incarcerated. His companion is back in NY. Case ongoing.

Local business reports theft of money

On June 23rd  in the late afternnon a theft of a quantity of money was taken from a local store while other employees were waiting on customers. Over $500.00 in a buy bank used for change was on a shelf in kitchen are when a former employee walked into the store asking for a cup of ice water. The present employees let the former employee help himself and while there the 17 year old male stole a green zipper TCT bank bag. A second male was outside during the theft and walked away with the the thief. Case is still under investigation and more charges pending.. Anone with information are asked to call the police at 387 6513.

The 17 year old has been charged at this tme with the larceny and the hidden money bag recovered, no cash or coing recovered.


July 7, 2014 The 17 year old plead guilty to the charge  and his case has been turned over to Tompkins Probation for a Pre sentence investigation for the court. His case is pending sentencing.

Criminals Try to Sell Stolen Property Back to Owners

May 1, 2014 Trumansburg Police received a call from Trumansburg parents that their son’s Ipod had been stolen from the High School Gym locker room. Police responded to the home and found that the Ipod had been stolen a few days earlier. During the initial report it was noted that a lady from Port Jervis had called them stating she had their Ipod and was willing to give it back for the price of $100.00. She told them she had scammed at the Ithaca Mall.

Now the story goes on like TV or a book and I am writing it as such.

The lady gave her name as Maryann and she told the parents that she had been at the Ithaca Mall a few days earlier and this young man offered her this Ipod for $100.00. Maryann did not notice she says till she got home that the Ipod was locked so she could not use it. The young man that owned the Ipod did a great job using  the “Find Me” feature and activated the feature the same day it was stolen.

The officer on the scene reported that the parents would help and get involved if they could get the Ipod back. Permission was granted and the parents were advised that when Maryann called back to set the plan up for as soon as they could.

The plan was set for the next day May 2, 2014 at a public building  at 4:00pm .Maryann had called again later and told them the time and place.The parents came to the police station to get prepped for the meeting. The $100.00 was copied down, the parents were given a an audio recorder to record the conversation. and told to keep it simple.The parents were advised the police would be inside and outside of the building. Complications always arise and this was no different. Maryann said she would have her grandson……… come to the building to make the transfer. More problems for Maryann called them back and said now her grandson will be bringing another man with him. They both would be wearing dark hoodies.The owners said you have a grandson in Trumansburg , maybe my son knows him. Of course Maryann gave a phony name so that went nowhere.

The time came and the switch took place, we were able to get text messages later from the suspects Ipad. The grandson was texting the grandmother as the parents drove in to pick up their Ipod. The grandson even mentioned that the place was okay no cops inside or out, how wrong he was.

The father checked the Ipod and the money was given to the grandson and his buddy. The suspects left the building with the undercover officer following them out the door. Outside they met four more officers. Both boys were taken into custody and read their rights .The saga continued when the suspect age 16 said he got the phone from his grandmother who over nighted it to him for the transfer today.. She got scammed at the Ithaca Mall. Once the interview took place it did not take long for the youth admitted to stealing the Ipod. The other youth said I had the Ipod for a day but all I did was wipe it clean and I gave it back. He also came with the suspect one to extort money for the stolen property.

Next came a call to Suellen alias Maryann.Her real name is Suellen Spangenberg age 46 of Port Jervis.. Once Suellen realized the jig was up and her alleged grandson was arrested she started to come up with answers. She said she did it all at the request of her grandson and she thought it was all on the up and up.. She said her grandson was at the Ithaca mall a few days ago and he bought this Ipod and when he got home he realized he had been scammed for it was locked. Suellen gave a good accounting to the police but of course she did not know they knew a lot more. Suellen did not realize that her grandson gave the police the opposite story that made her the one at the mall. The parents had both talked to Maryann (Suellen) over the phone several times and they felt she was the ring leader. Sueelln was asked if everything was on the up and up why did she use a phony first name to which after some hesitation she just said I don’t know I just wanted to see how it was going down.

After a second call to Suellen she was informed that criminal charges were placed against her in Ul;ysses Town Court for conspiracy and larceny both misdemeanors. The 16 year old that stole the Ipod was charged with larceny and conspiracy too. The other 17 year old youth was charged with criminal possession of stolen property a misdemeanor.


Felony Parolee gets sent back to Jail again

Trumansburg Police report the recent disposition of Eugene A Dailey age 41 now of Cayuga Correctional Facility. Police report that Dailey was on probation  for robbery 1st back in November of 2011 when he met a woman from Trumansburg. During that time police investigated complaints from the woman and later arrested Dailey for Burglary 2nd, unlawful imprisonment, aggravated harassment and larceny.

He plead guilty and was sent back to state prison for a year and a half.on December 24, 2013 Dailey was again out on probation when he violated the Order of Protection and started making threatening calls to the same woman.  Police obtained arrest warrant for aggravated harassment and criminal contempt of a court order.

Correction officials located Dailey in Wayne County and he went back to state prison getting another 14 months in state prisonDailey, Eugene A 5. Trumansburg Police lodged a warrant for him. for the last incident. On May 5th 2014 he was brought to Ulysses Town Court where he plead guilty to the pending charges and received 177 days in jail with order of protection still in effect.



Woman Shoplifter arrested

Trumansburg Police on April 3, 2014 arrested Ashley Moon age 33 of 12 Shaber Drive Ithaca for shoplifting at a local store. Police received a phone call that a woman had in her personal shopping bag many items she did not pay for when she was checking out. Police state her case is on going in Ulysses Court.

Stolen Plates gets man arrested

Trumansburg Police arrested Troy M Yaeger age 37 of 635 Iradell Road Trumansburg on April 7, 2014. Police had stopped Yaeger for vehicle violations and found switched plates on his vehicle. Further investigation showed they were stolen from his landlords vehicle parked on the property while they were on vacation. Yaeger was charged with A Misdemeanor for Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5th degree. His case is ongoing.

Obscene words to woman and 12 yearold = Harassment

Trumansburg Police arrested Daryl Shaw age 56 of West Seneca Rd Trumansburg was arrested on April 1, 2014 for Harassment 2nd. Ulysses Court released Shaw on his own recognizance but did issue a Order of Protection for the woman and her daughter. According to the complaint the two were walking along West Seneca Road when Shaw drove up to them in his car and started yelling loudly at the woman using obscene language . His car is ongoing in court.


False Statement to police gets arrest

Trumansburg Police arrested Laura A Copp age 30 of Montour Falls while investigating a larceny of a village home where she was temporarily staying. Police received the complaint that over $1,000 in coins  some which were quite rare and a wallet according to the homeowner. During the investigation Copp had told investigators that she had seen the stolen wallet with a named person for the owners drivers license inside caught her eye. It was determined  Copp had been lying to the police in a sworn written statement on several instances.. Police have charged Copp with two misdemeanors so far. Copp was arrested fr Making a falsely written statement and falsely reporting an incident in that she attempted to implicate a person as a suspect which turned out to be another false report.. Coop was arraigned in Ulysses Court and remanded to TC Jail in lieu of $2500. cash. Her case is ongoing .

Police are seeking information in this case, please call 280 6505 or 387 6513

Falsifying Business Records gets Felony Arrest

Police arrested Joanne D Yaeger age 36 of Iradell Road Trumansburg following a months long investigation into stolen cash and money at a local business. Yaeger was arrested on March 3rd 2014 and appeared in Ulysses Town Court the next day. She was arraigned and plead not guilty to the charges and was released following pending court action.

Yaeger was employed as a secretary/ aid in a local business and had access to computer records which she is allegedly altered many times and then stealing the  patients co -payment money from the business.

Her case is ongoing and may go to the grand jury

Lareceny by Credit card

Trumansburg Police on February 4th, 2014 arrested Alan Richards age 39 of South St Ext Trumansburg for petit larceny. Richards is accused of using without permission a credit card and going to an ATM and withdrawing money from the victims account. Richards was arraigned and sent to TC Jail in lieu of $500.00 cash bail. He was later released. His case is ongoing in Ulysses Town Court.