Lady Charged with Scheme to Defraud / Other crimes

Trumansburg Police received suspicious calls of a lady going door to door in late May/ into  early June 2016 asking for money for herself for different reasons and was able to collect money from some residents. Sometimes she stated she would pay them back. The investigation discovered that more than twelve homes had been visited by this lady sometimes accompanied by a three year old male. The lady was seen going just inside some of these homes in the Whig/South St area without being authorized to enter. The money she collected was for false misleading purposes and could be viewed  as an ulterior motive for possible theft.

Over 2 1/2 weeks the police  continued to receive calls that someone had entered their homes. Two residents said a quantity of pills had been taken  from their homes. Police had to determine if there was a connection with all these incidents.

 Residents told police the lady was using three stories when she knocked on their door over several days during early evening: by asking to use their phone so  she call her mother for she was locked out of her apartment, needed money for her son for speech lessons where police found the organization she was referring to did not give speech lessons, or she needed money to have a taxi so she could pick up her son and bring him home from Elmira or McClean.

One night when defendant was going door to door police took a statement from a man who said he caught her just inside his home without knocking. During their conversation she had told him she was locked out of her apartment and needed to call her mother who had a key. The man dialed the number stated and could hear the lady’s cell phone ringing in her pocket. Obviously, the lady had a cell phone but gave her number to the resident instead of her mothers.

One night in early June the defendant walked into one home around 10:00 pm at night without permission asking for money. When the startled resident asked her why didn’t you ring the doorbell the defendant replied I did, it must not work. After she left the the resident tried the doorbell and it worked fine. Over the next few weeks the case came together and the police arrested her on Friday 6-10-16 for Scheme to Defraud and Criminal Trespass both Class A Misdemeanors.

On 6-17-16 police received a call from a man’s caregiver stating she had left for a short while and during that time a lady they know came into the man’s apartment thru unlocked door and stole 64 pills from his weekly medicine holder located in the kitchen. The victin told police he  saw the lady in his room and then he saw her stop at the cabinet and opened the door. Victim stated he could hear the medication container being opened and heard the pills being moved around in the container. The disabled man who is confined just sat there feeling terrible that he could not do or say anything due to his physical condition while she committed the theft. Police investigated and arrested the suspect for Larceny and Criminal Trespass 2nd. both Class A Misdemeanors. Felony burglary 2nd charges are pending. 

The defendant in the above cases is Rebecca Ward of East Main St Trumansburg age 37. Her case is pending in Town Ulysses Court. An Order of Protection was issued by the court for her to stay away from the victim’s home and to have no contact.

On Monday June 20th Trumansburg Police assisted Ithaca Police in an interview and arrest of Ward into a theft at Wegman’s in Ithaca on May 31st, 2016. Ward is accused of stealing money off the counter while the customer service clerk turned his head for a short periodto get more money. Ward had been there converting coins to bills and was at the customer service counter to receive her $91.00. from the clerk.  The store clerk had place most of her return money on the counter, when he turned around to finish the transaction the money was gone. He asked Ward where is the money and Ward said “what money” and denied stealing it. The clerk ended up giving Ward another $91.00. Ward was given appearance ticket for Ithaca court. The incident at Wegman’s was video taped and showed the theft being committed by Ward. When arrested at her Tburg home Ward made some admissions to the officers.

Ward, Rebecca