Drug Arrests at Tburg High School

Police received call from County Dispatch to respond to the high school for a drug problem at the beginning of February 2016. Investigation went into the mid winter break and ended with four students arrested for misdemeanor and felony arrests. Seven students received significant suspensions from school.

Upon arrival at school  it was noted two of the students were not coherent to talk to due to injesting hydrocodone and oxycodone pills. These pills are opiates and considered doctor prescription only. Possesion and sale would be a felony. Investigation showed that the pills were taken from the homes of the students and were being sold in school for $4.00 a pill.

Charges placed were endandering the welfare of a minor, Criminal Possessionf a controlled substance a class C felony, Criminal Sale of a controlled substatnce a C felony, Crimiinal Sale of controlled substatnce A Misdemeanor.