Erractic Driver arrested for Felony DWI

Scammell, DavidOn March 4th 2016 Trumansburg Police arrested a Trumansburg man after he was operating a dark Jeep erracticallly as he was going south on Rt 227 heading into Trumansburg. At one point witness statted he drove off the road into a ditch and then drove back onto the roadway.

Police spotted the Jeep on East Mian St and observed the Jeep almost hitting a parked car. The vehicle then crossed the double line. Police attemtpted to pull the man over and finally did  at the Byrne Dairy. The Jeep jumped the curb as it pulled into Byrne Dairy parking lot.. The officer performed several sobriey test s on the driver which the operator failed. A 14 year old male was in the front passenger seat.

Arrested  was David  R Scammell age 38 of 6189 Bower Rd Trumansburg  for DWi , more than .08% BAC, reckless driving, moving from lane unsfasley, and Aggravated DWI a felony for being intoxicated with  a persosn under 15 in the vehcle. His case is ongoing. Scammell spent the night in jail and was released after paying bail of $750.00