Warrant Tip locates two wanted suspects

On August 11th  police received a tip that two suspects Trumansburg Police were looking for were staying at a Kentucky Avenue home. A complement of three Trumansburg Officers, two Tompkins Deputy Sheriffs and one State Park policeman surrounded the home around midnight into the 12th. After a period of time the suspects tried to sneak out of the house and were heading into the woods when police  stopped them. They were placed under arrest and taken to the Trumansburg station.

Arrested was Nicole Marranca  dob 12-11-89  address  unknown wnated for felony possession of stolen property, identity theft, and grand larceny. She is wanted also by Ithaca Police. Also arrested was Erik Motquin dob 5-7-82 for peit larceny which he plead guilty to from stolen motor vehicle. They were both arraigned by Ulysses Justice Dresser and sent to To TC Jail in lieu of $5,00 cash bail. Their  cases are ongoing in county court.