Burglary leads to animal abuse

Trumansburg Police received a call this past Thursday the 27th of June of entry into a unlocked mobile home. The owner saw nothing missing except a 4′ 11″ foot blue cord which was used to straggle her young cat. Police investigated and learned that a neighbor came home for lunch and saw this beautiful blondish colored male car hanging off the owners deck with this blue cord tied to the top railing, the other around the cat’s neck. The cat either jumped or was tossed over the railing and the cord being short did not quite allow the cat to reach the ground. A bicycle was parked against the fence and as the cat went over it got entangled with the handlebars and fought for its life as told byt the scratches it made into the bikes tire. The park super took pictures of the cat and took it down until the owners came home.

Police have canvassed the area and have some leads but are seeking help in knowing if anyone saw anyone with this cat or in the vicinity of Lot #55 Aubles Park. Both these charges are being investigated as felonies at this time. Anyone with information please call  police at 387 6513.