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Erractic driver complaint ends in Felony DWI

On Monday July  10th around 3:15pm Trumansburg Police received a 911 call of a female driving north on Rt. 96  driving erratically. Witness stated she almost ran into rear of two cars and forced two cars to go over the fog line on Halseyville Hill. Police observed the car in the village weaving from side to side and later it almost hit a parked vehicle. Police pulled her over by Main and Washington Streets.

Arrested for felony DWI, Open alcohol container in vehicle, failure to take a breath test, failure to stay in lane, and failure to keep right. Arrested was Candice A  Haus of Perry City Road age 36. She was arraigned in Ulysses Court and remanded to Tompkins County Jail in lieu of $8,000 cash bail. She has further court hearings on June 13,

Man charged with threatning couple

On June 1st police responded to  a call of threatening text messages over the past few days to a woman and a man. Threats that “I am going to kill you”, going to beat you up, and very vulgar language to the female were in some of the messages., including I am outside your home right now.  Arrested was a 19 year old who was processed and taken to Ulysses Court where an order of protection was issued. His case is ongoing.

Unauthorise use of Motor vehicle leads to felony

A Town of Dryden woman was arrested Sunday June 2, 2013 following an investigation into an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle when she did not bring the car back after the three hours.  When contacted by the relative she told the relative she was not going to ever get the car back. Police called the defendants cell and got a girlfriend who said she would tell her to bring the car back or get arrested.

By Sunday June 2nd the car was still not back. A tour of the park showed the car parked well out of the way from the defendants trailer. Trumansburg Police took custody of the car and then went to the defendants trailer and after quite some time defendant came out displaying a NYS DMV title for the car. Defendant said the car was hers and that the defendant gave it to her for Christmas past and she showed the title to the officer  Police took custody of the title and issued the defendant an appearance ticket for Town Ulysses Court for Tuesday. At that time she was also charged with Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd, a class D felony.

Student arrested for Assault

Police were called by parents of a ninth grader that their son was at CMC getting medical attention for a fractured eye from being hit with a closed fist by a male student in the 12the grade. The victim also had a laceration that took three stitches to seal. Police made the arrest for assault 3rd a Class A Misdemeanor. He made his first appearance in Town Ulysses court Monday June 3rd. The court issued an order of protection, the 12th grader was suspended form school for five days.

Vandals strike twice in two days

Police were called to Grove Cemetery June 1st where cemetery officials stated 10 gravestones in the vicinity of the canon had been tipped over. In the process some of the older stones had pieces broken off them. Damage estimates are unclear.

Also on Friday school officials reported that person(s) chopped a larger pine tree just behind the tennis courts. The tree was cut so far through that the school had to have it taken down. The actual replacement cost of this tree as it once sat would cost over $4,000 to replace.

Investigation is pending on these two crimes and police are asking anyone with information about either one to call this department at 387 6513 which has voice mail on it. All information would be confidential.

False Rape Report

In the afternoon of April 1st Trumansburg Police were given a 911 call of a a sexual forced assault at a village home. The victim was an 18 year old female who stated a person she vaguely knew had come to her home during school vacation and forced her to have sex with him. The male was 17.
Police investigation revealed inconsistencies and re interviewed the victim who then admitted there was no rape but that it was consensual. The female was charged with two Class A Misdemeanors one was Falsely Reporting an Incident and the other was Making a False Written Statement. Her case is ongoing in Town Ulysses Court.


Vandals attack Trumansburg Golf Course

Trumansburg Police responded to a call of people on the golf course at about 3:00AM on May 6th. Officer called for assistance from deputies from Tompkins County to help secure the course as several people had taken golf carts and were operating them on the course. One of the cart drivers was apprehended and taken in for interview, the others fled into the woods.

Damage to the course and carts was over five thousand dollars. Arrested were four young adults ages 18-20.  They have charges pending in Town Court for Trespass and Felony Criminal Mischief 2nd. There case is on going.




Medication drop box now available


Trumansburg Police now have a medication drop box for the public. This drop off is completely secure and no questions asked of people bringing in their medications. The box is located just inside the main door. Hours are daily 10:00am to 2:00pm and by appointment or when patrol officer is in office.

The following are not excepted:

NO  needles, liquids, thermometers, infectious waste, personal care products, any other waste


The following are allowed:  prescription medications, controlled substances such as oxycodone, pet medications, medicated powders, liquid medication in leak proof container only.