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Posssesion /Use of Stolen check charged

IMGP0669Trumansburg Police arrested Martin J Bastick age 46.on Septmeber 14th 2016 a around 0930 a local lumber yard. Felony warrant had been issued out of Town Ulysses Court.for  Incidents ocurred in early July 2016 in the village when check was stolen and forged at a local tavern.

Bastick was arraigned in Ulysses Court and remandeds to county jail in lieu of $2,000 casn /$4,000 property bond. He was taken to the jail and later in the week he was bailed out. Basticks case is ongoing in court.

53/30 in village gets felony Drug Charge

On September 5th 2016 Aaron Nowak was cruising down Main St going 53 miles per hour in 30 mile speed zone. Nowak of Cheehtowaga NY age 19 . As the officer aproached Nowak’s car he could smell a strong odor of marihauna coming from inside the car.

The officer located two ounces of marihuana which is a B Misdemeanor more and also cocaine which  is a Class D felony. The car was secured and the suspect was relwased later and is to appears in Ulysses court next week.

Moravia Man accident gets DWAI drug charge

On September 18th 2016 at about 8:pm police responded to a personal injury accident ay Byrne Dairy. On arrival they found that one of the operators was still inside his locked car and had apparently passed out. After trying to wake him up and open the door Trumansburg officers and a trooper had to break a window to get inside with EMS giving the man narcan to get him back to conscioisness.Narcan is used for opiate usage.

Police stated that the a woman passenger was taken to CMC via Bangs Ambulance with injury to her ribs and ellbow as the Adams vehicle had entered the Byrne Dairy and then T-boned the parked car she was sitting in. The passenger side of the ladys car was damged significantly.

Police  went to CMC with Tburg ambulance and arrested Owen Q Adams age 33 of 15 S Main St Moravia  for DWAI drugs.The investigation is continuing . Adams is to appear in Ulysses Court  in two weeks



Domestic Assault leads to arrest

On Sunday June 26, 2016 Trumansburg Police received a criminal complaint from a woman who was punched several times in the face and the man strangled her about the neck causing her to loose consciouness for a short period. Photos show the severity of her face and neck.The woman received medical attention and the report was sent to the court and DA office.The incident occured at the residene of the suspect on June 23rd at about 10:00PM

The defendant is Jason D Spicer age 35 of 4380 West Seneca Road was arrested for assault and obstructing  of breathing . He has been issued a no contact court order of protection. His case is ongoing in Town Ulyyses Court.

Intoxicated Woman charged with hitting bar employee

on June 12th at about 1230am Trumansburg Police received complaint from 911 to respond to Silverline Tap Room on West Main St where a reported  altercation had occurred. The employee was asking the lady to stop drinking outside in violation of the permit . The intoxicated female customer had given the employee verbal abuse about it  and  then slapped the face of the employee stating I could burn this place down.

Arrested was Kristin M Richthammer age 34  of address of 3704 Kelsey Lane,Tonawanda NY . Bail was taken and her case is ongoing in Ulysses Court.

Domestic couple Arrested

On June 4th  2016 Trumansburg Police were called to 50 Cayuga  Street by 911 dispatch regarding a woman screaming loudly. Police arrived  and heard the woman screaming. They went to the door and were not allowed by the male resident to check the welfare of the woman. Officer told the male that he would be arrested if he blocked their way. The man refused and the officer told him he was under arrest.The male Nicholas Vorhis age 27 fought with officer and then the woman, Renee McNamee age 26 came from a bedroom and jumped on the officer too.

Both were arrested and their cases are in Town Ulyyses Court. Orders of protection were issued by the court. Vorhis was chared Obstructing Govermental Administration and Resisting Arrest.. McNamee was arrested for Obstructing Governmental Administration. McNamee was released ROR and Vorhis was remanded to county jail in lieu of $1000. cash bond/ $2,000 property bond.

Lady Charged with Scheme to Defraud / Other crimes

Trumansburg Police received suspicious calls of a lady going door to door in late May/ into  early June 2016 asking for money for herself for different reasons and was able to collect money from some residents. Sometimes she stated she would pay them back. The investigation discovered that more than twelve homes had been visited by this lady sometimes accompanied by a three year old male. The lady was seen going just inside some of these homes in the Whig/South St area without being authorized to enter. The money she collected was for false misleading purposes and could be viewed  as an ulterior motive for possible theft.

Over 2 1/2 weeks the police  continued to receive calls that someone had entered their homes. Two residents said a quantity of pills had been taken  from their homes. Police had to determine if there was a connection with all these incidents.

 Residents told police the lady was using three stories when she knocked on their door over several days during early evening: by asking to use their phone so  she call her mother for she was locked out of her apartment, needed money for her son for speech lessons where police found the organization she was referring to did not give speech lessons, or she needed money to have a taxi so she could pick up her son and bring him home from Elmira or McClean.

One night when defendant was going door to door police took a statement from a man who said he caught her just inside his home without knocking. During their conversation she had told him she was locked out of her apartment and needed to call her mother who had a key. The man dialed the number stated and could hear the lady’s cell phone ringing in her pocket. Obviously, the lady had a cell phone but gave her number to the resident instead of her mothers.

One night in early June the defendant walked into one home around 10:00 pm at night without permission asking for money. When the startled resident asked her why didn’t you ring the doorbell the defendant replied I did, it must not work. After she left the the resident tried the doorbell and it worked fine. Over the next few weeks the case came together and the police arrested her on Friday 6-10-16 for Scheme to Defraud and Criminal Trespass both Class A Misdemeanors.

On 6-17-16 police received a call from a man’s caregiver stating she had left for a short while and during that time a lady they know came into the man’s apartment thru unlocked door and stole 64 pills from his weekly medicine holder located in the kitchen. The victin told police he  saw the lady in his room and then he saw her stop at the cabinet and opened the door. Victim stated he could hear the medication container being opened and heard the pills being moved around in the container. The disabled man who is confined just sat there feeling terrible that he could not do or say anything due to his physical condition while she committed the theft. Police investigated and arrested the suspect for Larceny and Criminal Trespass 2nd. both Class A Misdemeanors. Felony burglary 2nd charges are pending. 

The defendant in the above cases is Rebecca Ward of East Main St Trumansburg age 37. Her case is pending in Town Ulysses Court. An Order of Protection was issued by the court for her to stay away from the victim’s home and to have no contact.

On Monday June 20th Trumansburg Police assisted Ithaca Police in an interview and arrest of Ward into a theft at Wegman’s in Ithaca on May 31st, 2016. Ward is accused of stealing money off the counter while the customer service clerk turned his head for a short periodto get more money. Ward had been there converting coins to bills and was at the customer service counter to receive her $91.00. from the clerk.  The store clerk had place most of her return money on the counter, when he turned around to finish the transaction the money was gone. He asked Ward where is the money and Ward said “what money” and denied stealing it. The clerk ended up giving Ward another $91.00. Ward was given appearance ticket for Ithaca court. The incident at Wegman’s was video taped and showed the theft being committed by Ward. When arrested at her Tburg home Ward made some admissions to the officers.

Ward, Rebecca

Cat on a roof

GE DIGITAL CAMERAA call to police on the morning of  May 31, 2016  the owner stating her young cat was on top of the neighbors home and wouldn’t come down  The owner indicated the her cat had been crying out for over half an hour.The neighbor was not home at the time. Police responded to the home and called the T-burg fire department for a ladder truck to get the kitty down. After  a little time the cat was reunited with its owner.

Black Bear Visits Village


Trumansburg Police received many calls about this two year old black bear Sunday May 22, 2016. First calls about this friendly bear came in around 9:00am. The bear hung around the area of South St In the village while police kept him company.Later the bear decided he may need some schooling so he hung around the middle school.

Realizing school was closed he wandered off. Officers kept a close eye on the 200 hundred pound bear for several hours and  warned residents and pedestrians of the bear’s presence.

Police ask residents not to feed the bear, do not follow the bear and do not leave out any garbage that may keep him here.

Chief Tom Ferretti

Trumansburg Police



IMGP0637MARCH 30, 2016  8:00pm


Trumansburg Police Officer on patrol was notified by county dispatch of an intoxicated male at Trumansburg Wine and Spirits on NYS Rt 96 operating a red Hundai and that he may be intoxicated as he had fallen to the ground. The man had been in the store but the clerk had refused  to sell him any liquor do to his intoxication. The man was now geting into the car and leaving.according to two witnesses.

Trumansburg Police responded and saw the man driving out of the parking lot preparing to go onto RT 96. The officer observed the red Hyundau  cross way over the centerline and the officer activated his emergency lights before there was a head-on collision.

The male smelled strongly of alcoholic beverage and was asked to step out of the car to perform sobriety tests which he failed. The man, STEVEN G STRAIGHT AGE 64 OF 597 Enfield Center Road was arrested and later released to a sober third party. His case is pending in Ulysses Court.

He was brought to the Trumanaburg Police station where he consented to take a blood alcohol test a with results of .15%BAC. He was released to a sober third party. His case is ongoing in Ulysses Court

Drug Arrests at Tburg High School

Police received call from County Dispatch to respond to the high school for a drug problem at the beginning of February 2016. Investigation went into the mid winter break and ended with four students arrested for misdemeanor and felony arrests. Seven students received significant suspensions from school.

Upon arrival at school  it was noted two of the students were not coherent to talk to due to injesting hydrocodone and oxycodone pills. These pills are opiates and considered doctor prescription only. Possesion and sale would be a felony. Investigation showed that the pills were taken from the homes of the students and were being sold in school for $4.00 a pill.

Charges placed were endandering the welfare of a minor, Criminal Possessionf a controlled substance a class C felony, Criminal Sale of a controlled substatnce a C felony, Crimiinal Sale of controlled substatnce A Misdemeanor.


Mundell violates Judge’s Court Order

Trumanburg police obtained an arrest warrant for Emmanuel Mundell of Ovid NY from Town Ulysses Court for violating an Order of Protection.  The incident tool place on February 3, 2016

New York State Police stopped the car for vehicle and traffic violations near Town of Caroline and Mundell was riding in the car. Mundell was placed under arrest and transferred to Trumanburg Police  who then processed arraigned Mundell in front of Judge Dresser and released pending further court action. Mundell, Emmanuel 2016

Trumansburg Police bring in dogs to search for Drugs

Wednesday at the  request of the schools I asked area sheriffs deparmtmnets to do a walk throught the High school and midlle school with their trained dogs.

We started at 0830 and went thru the two schools. No drugs were found but the dogs did get interested in couple of lockers. I called in extra officers for the detail.

This is good traing ing for everyone especailly after last months drug sale activity. We thank all the area sheriffs departments that participated. Seneca, Schuyler, Steuben


Chief Ferretti

Erractic Driver arrested for Felony DWI

Scammell, DavidOn March 4th 2016 Trumansburg Police arrested a Trumansburg man after he was operating a dark Jeep erracticallly as he was going south on Rt 227 heading into Trumansburg. At one point witness statted he drove off the road into a ditch and then drove back onto the roadway.

Police spotted the Jeep on East Mian St and observed the Jeep almost hitting a parked car. The vehicle then crossed the double line. Police attemtpted to pull the man over and finally did  at the Byrne Dairy. The Jeep jumped the curb as it pulled into Byrne Dairy parking lot.. The officer performed several sobriey test s on the driver which the operator failed. A 14 year old male was in the front passenger seat.

Arrested  was David  R Scammell age 38 of 6189 Bower Rd Trumansburg  for DWi , more than .08% BAC, reckless driving, moving from lane unsfasley, and Aggravated DWI a felony for being intoxicated with  a persosn under 15 in the vehcle. His case is ongoing. Scammell spent the night in jail and was released after paying bail of $750.00

Woman Shoplifter arrested

Trumansburg Police on April 3, 2014 arrested Ashley Moon age 33 of 12 Shaber Drive Ithaca for shoplifting at a local store. Police received a phone call that a woman had in her personal shopping bag many items she did not pay for when she was checking out. Police state her case is on going in Ulysses Court.

Lareceny by Credit card

Trumansburg Police on February 4th, 2014 arrested Alan Richards age 39 of South St Ext Trumansburg for petit larceny. Richards is accused of using without permission a credit card and going to an ATM and withdrawing money from the victims account. Richards was arraigned and sent to TC Jail in lieu of $500.00 cash bail. He was later released. His case is ongoing in Ulysses Town Court.

Car hits local bank

Car runs into bank

Car runs into bank

At about 8:03 am Saturday morning  January 16th Trumansburg Police investigated a two vehicle personal injury accident . Police state that a village loader was plowing snow next to the curb in front of the  Tompkins County Trust Co when a SUV 4×4 operated by Amanda Sundquist age 33 of Groton lost control of her vehicle and went into a skid as she was proceeding north on NYS Rte 96. The SUV  right rear hit the back of the loader then careened off across the sidewalk knocking down two small trees. The car continued with enough force that it made a hole in the brick wall of the bank. On the inside the wall had buckled some. Sundquist was the only one injured and she stated  she was feeling pain in her shoulder and lower back but refused medical attention at that time.

Reward for Theft of Pediatric Cancer Money

On January 25th , 2014 a large glass containing around $2500.00 in coins and bills for children with cancer was stolen from inside the Falls Tavern. This money had been collected over the past year and was going to be turned over to the cancer authorities On February 7th, 2014.

This theft is so unspeakable its hard to believe anyone would of taken it. A reward has been offered for the arrest of the suspects (s). Contact the Trumansburg Police 607 387 6513 and leave a message, their is voice mail on this line if no one answers. The jug weighed around 70 pounds and may of been taken in the afternoon or later on the 25th.


Tburg Travel Team Treasurer Arrested for Theft

Trumansburg Police arrested the treasurer of the Trumansburg Travel Baseball Team on Thursday for Grand Larceny 4th a felony and Falsifying Business Records. She will have a felony hearing on Monday February 10, 2014 in Ulysses Town Court.. She has been released on her own recognizance.

Investigators received  complaints from officers of the League that bills were not being paid and that their local  bank account had been closed by the bank for issuing too many bad checks. Police investigated the complaints and applied for subpoena’s through the DA’s office which indicated thousands of dollars of fraud. To date the amount is over six thousand dollars. taken from the Trumansburg Baseball League. The records under subpoena indicated money was spent for personal use by the treasurer.

Arrested was  Deborah Grunder age 48 of Interlaken, Her case is ongoing.pending the felony hearing to determine if the case should be held over for grand jury action.